Who we are

Set up in July 2014, Stadium Karate is an officially recognized branch of JKF Wadokai in JKF Headquarters in Tokyo,Japan. We offer possibly the best JKF Wado Kai karate in Ireland.

We are a growing club which caters for ages 6+ and we always welcome new members. Our club Sensei’s are Jimmy and Neil Harte and Paul Whinnery who are passionate about sharing all the far-reaching benefits of JKF WadoKai Karate.

In 2023 Stadium Karate became the first Branch in Ireland’s history to achieve a 3 member JKF Examiners Panel. A feat we hope to increase upon in the near future.

Stadium Karate Instructors now hold a 6th Dan JKF Wadokai and 2 5th Dan Instructors.

What we do

We know correct training significantly leads to character development and self-improvements in our students so it is more than simply just fighting. Teaching the correct mental attitude and fighting spirit improves your concentration levels, mind control and stress relief leading to a more positive attitude towards life.

Most of our members join to improve characteristics such as:

  • Self-confidence
  • Strength
  • Mental-stamina
  • Stress management

For children, these characteristics help build resilience, particularly when faced with bullies.

While the majority of our members are focused on exercise, self-defense and mental well-being, we do have a smaller cohort interested in competing in sport karate and in achieving a long term goal of becoming a JKF Japan recognized black belt.

Wado Kai, our style of Karate

    We are the best trainers of Wado Kai Karate Dublin has to offer but what is it?

    Simply put, Wado Kai is the joining together of three Japanese words: wa, do and kai.

    Wa meaning ‘peace’ or ‘harmony’.

    Do is ‘way’.

    Kai simply means ‘association’.

    If Wado Kai was to be written in English it would be ‘The Way of Peace & Harmony Association‘.

    During our short history, we have brought many members introduction level, right up to black belt.  Whatever your level, at Stadium Karate, you will find your way and achieve your goals.

    about stadium karate club


    Through the Official National Amateur Karate Association of Ireland, we are involved in a series of tournaments throughout the year. 11 of our members took part in the Irish National Open last September.

    Our members and Sensei’s have traveled and competed successfully in many championships and seminars in countries like Belgium, Scotland, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, England, Northern Ireland, Portugal and Japan.

    For the past 4 years, our members have visited the Japan Karatedo Federation Wado-Kai in Tokyo.  This is a tradition we are keen to build on and has always been a very positive and memorable experience for our members.

    Wado Kai is one of the 4 main styles of karate and is part of the Japanese Karate Federation.

    Benefits of Wado Kai

    There are many benefits of practising karate.  From core principles, the associated benefits multiply into the hundreds.  In Wado Kai, there are 10 fundamental skills you will be taught.

    1. Awareness
    2. Balance
    3. Confidence
    4. Control
    5. Coordination
    6. Discipline
    7. Fitness
    8. Focus
    9. Memory and concentration
    10. Teamwork

    When starting out, the first traits you will notice is becoming a more relaxed, positive, sharper and focused individual.  You will also begin to feel the physical benefits pretty quickly and continue to grow both mentally and physically throughout your journey.

    Wado Kai is a way of life for many.  Who doesn’t want to live in peace and harmony?

    Wado Kai Karate Dublin

    about stadium karate

    Wada Kai Karate has been in Dublin since 1953. Since Stadium Karate opened in 2014, we have been at the forefront covering all aspects of the martial art.

    Above all and at our core, we place great emphasis on the psychology behind Wado Kai. Many life skills come from practising Wado Kai Karate including respect, discipline and humility.

    Once the core values are understood, students have the option of competing in the many competitions on offer throughout Ireland and abroad.

    We have regularly attended seminars both at home and abroad with the likes of Sensei Shimura, Sensei Kohata, Sensei Nukina, Sensei Roberto Danubio, Sensei Takagi plus most of JKF senior instructors at JKF
    headquarters in Japan.

    For more information on Wado Kai in Dublin or Ireland, please visit the Wado Kai Federation of Ireland. Remember, your first class is free with Stadium Karate, click here to get in touch.

    I have never trained in Karate – can I try before deciding to commit?

    Yes. The first lesson is free at Stadium Karate. Subsequent lessons are chargeable and you are required to purchase a licence, which is your club membership. We ask that you take away your licence application on the first lesson to complete and return. Most people know after a couple of lessons if Karate is for them.

    I don’t drive, is there public transport to get there?

    Yes, you can get the 17A or 140 buses which go right by the entrance to Stadium Business Park and a short walk to Stadium Karate. Click here for map.

    How do I sign up to one of these classes?

    Joining is easy and remember, the first class is free! Simply fill out this very short form and indicate whether it’s karate classes for kids or adult karate classes you are inquiring about. We’ll be in touch!

    I’m a little nervous about joining. Is the atmosphere competitive or aggressive?

    Almost everyone is a little nervous about attending his or her first class and that is perfectly understandable.

    We are very proud of our family-friendly, positive environment where everyone helps and encourages each other. Our goal is to make every student feel welcome and comfortable each and every time they walk through our doors.

    At Stadium Karate you are part of a team and should never feel that you are competing against your fellow students. We believe that martial arts schools should provide an environment where everyone feels safe to learn and make mistakes, not a place to be humiliated, intimidated, or treated disrespectfully.