Karate Class Schedule

At Stadium Karate, we generally cater for members aged 6 upwards who are interested in learning our particular style of Karate, Wado Kai. Take your pick from a karate class schedule listed below.

Karate Classes

You will be welcomed and encouraged by all members of the club to achieve your goals in addition to having fun in the process. Stadium Karate is a family-run club which is all about its members and has the following class options on offer in our karate class chedule:

What will I get from these classes?

Self-defence course Karate Class schedule

Karate is universally recognised as one of the most comprehensive of all martial arts.  Not surprisingly, it is ideally suited to combat the stresses of modern living.

Children benefit from improved concentration, agility, balance, coordination, fitness and confidence.  Without a doubt, they will make friends, be more respectful as well as having lots of fun.

Teenagers benefit from improved flexibility, coordination, fitness and confidence. Helping them to have respect for themselves and others and is important for street awareness and self-defence.

Adults, gain confidence, fitness and flexibility.  It also helps keep their joints supple, boosts energy levels and helps to relieve stress.

Whatever your level or requirement, get in touch with us and begin your journey.  Remember the first class is free!

Full Karate class schedule

Our karate class schedule timetable runs without reservation from September until June. What’s more, during the summer, we have the addition of extra adult classes and kids summer camps to our karate class schedule.

Also, each year we try to bring something different to the club and always welcome requests or suggestions.  Please feel free to get in touch if you have any.