When I was young, it wasn’t a question about doing a sport. The only question was what kind of sport? With my parents working day and night, the last thing they wanted was to have me laying around at home after school.

Although, that really wasn’t a problem. Back then, before the online world of digital devices, I like most kids, could hardly wait for the moment I could toss away my school bag and head outside. Keeping active just came naturally.

Fast forward to the present day, and the challenges parents face in getting (and keeping) kids active are admittedly are not easy.

That being said, if you are looking at getting your kid involved in karate, here are 7 good reasons why.

1 Teaches Self-Defense

Karate primarily focuses on defensive techniques, and not how to punch someone in the face in anger. Karate’s fundamentals are self-defense and disarmament, these techniques are easy to learn for even the youngest ones.

2. Training From Head to Toe

As karate focuses on self-defense, many think that karate isn’t a real sport. In reality, it is a really intensive type of exercise. A training session, even if you are doing kata (a choreographed pattern of movements usually performed solo), you are practising the muscle movement involved in fighting.

When it comes to actual kumite or karate fighting this is an intense form of cardiovascular exercise that works all the muscles and helps build stamina. Even young children can start to develop​ their stamina, strength, endurance and confidence,

3. Teaches Discipline, Respect and Trust

Discipline and respect towards each other are rare nowadays, so it’s never too early to start teaching these to our children. Karate is the perfect choice for that because the kids can experience early in their life, what respect towards their instructors means and also how to adapt to their partners and how to behave with their older club mates. After all, the moves of karate teach how not to hurt each other with kicks and punches along with the learned self-control, because of this we can observe a very quick change in the kids’ behaviour.

4. It is Always Better in a Team

Going to a karate training is like going home. We are surrounded by great company, the instructors are caring and we can meet people of various ages. Although the trainings are strict, we can still feel the warmth around us. The older Karateka and the Instructors help the kids with instructions, great talks and several games, so the children could feel that they can turn to them with any problem.

5. Not Just Training

Trainings, camps, local, national and international championships, common events and trips. For us, who practice karate, it is very important to measure our skills – learned from our Instructors for this reason we attend different tournaments so as to compete against other karateka using the skills we have learned and to observe and learn from others. Since karate isn’t just about creating and maintaining the balance of the body, but also the balance of the mind, the kids can participate with their teammates on different events, have fun, relax and maybe see a little bit of the world along the way.

6. Karate is Ageless

If you want to do karate age or gender isn’t a problem. As you can train according to your own abilities. There is no upper age limit, because like in the Japanese grand master’s case, the acquisition and transfer of knowledge is totally independent from one’s age.

7. Karate’s Positive Effects on kids

– Teaches how to pay attention

– Drains unnecessary energy

– It evolves movement culture and movement coordination

– They are in good company

– During the training, championships and camps they are under continuous adult supervision

– Exercise has a positive effect on learning skills and self-focus, concentration

– They learn how to respect their partners and the adults around them

– The sport gives them positive energy

– They will get a special perspective, which will help them in adulthood and helps them integrate with different cultures and different ethnic backgrounds

Interested in Learning Karate?

If you’re interested in learning karate, get in contact with us today. We have classes available for kids aged 6+ and for adults. Remember the first class is free!

Written by Eat, Move & Smile


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