Karate, particularly Wado Kai, can be a very effective form of self-defence. We looked at three reasons why it’s such an effective form of self–defence.

Karate for Self-Defence

Types of Techniques Used

Karate translates to ‘empty hand’. It focuses on using targeted strikes, punches and kicks against an opponent. All of which makes it a very effective martial art.

Increased Awareness of Self and Environment

Through repetitive movements in the form of kata and basics, you gradually learn what your body is capable of. This helps develop a heightened awareness of your body and your surroundings. Having an awareness of your environment and oneself can be critical if you find yourself in need of self–defence. ‘Will they attack?’ ‘What is their body language saying?’ – these are all important questions to ask before using any self-defence.

A Softer Style of Self Defence

Wado Kai is a softer karate style. In fact, it translates to harmony or peace. It is very much about taking your partner’s energy and redirecting it away from you. You don’t need to brute force and great strength. This can be ideal for women who might find themselves in need of defending themselves. A simple deflection can all be that is needed to get out of harms way.

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